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June 21, 2016
We invite you to join hands with us to contribute towards building  our industry
There are numerous benefits to participating in DEA. There is no other venue where such a diverse group of people involved directly in the elevator industry come together within the DEA. From a knowledge perspective, Code discussions with the experts , networking with members of the industry’s consulting community, as well as the informative monthly presentations about new products, vendors, Code updates and industry trends are immeasurable benefits gained from the Association
  • Get Associated  with  Elevator professionals  & best Industry players
  • Have  a voice heard in all areas of vertical transport industry .
  • Opportunity to buy at special prices from DEA prefered suppliers and vendors
  • Business growth by Networking  and information exchange
  • Enhance knowledge level by sharing ideas at a  common DEA platform
  • Use DEA logo for business promotion and brand building
  • Get Listing  i DEA members and business directory
  • Get  DEA membership certificate
Opportunity to participate in DEA sponsored  events &  activity
Business conventions for Architects Builders, Workshops & Training, Trade shows and Fairs
Guest Speakers Forum, DEA Monthly & Annual  meeting, CSR initiatives
Help and support on matters of common interest
Legal, Taxation ,Liability , Group Accident Insurance,  mediclaim , Workman compensation
Developing and adopting  new technology products, Adopt process systems like Google Apps, Cloud ,CRM, ERP, Adopt Field Force Automation , get Trademarks and patents,  Development of Human Resources & Subcontractors, Agreement to avoid breach of trust.

June 21, 2016
DEA Forthcoming Activities
Case study - on recent Lift accident on 24 April 2017, where one of the MMC Lift fell from 5th floor in Gurgram
Guest Lecture by an eminent Speaker - Challenges faced by SME elevator companies in current economic situation
Panel discussions - forming Guidelines & modalities for Annual Award of Best Installed Elevator by DEA member
Media Coverage - Full page in Elevator World & other magazine

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Welcome to DEA

Association for Growth & Support


DEA is  an association of SME Elevator companies and was founded in year 2012 .
it is a great honour that DEA is the first formally registered Association in Indian Elevator Industry . Most of founder members are having over 30 years of association with Elevator Industry.  It has  taken lot of efforts and time of almost 2 years from 2010 to 2012 to formally make DEA a reality .
please see the link below to further explore the Story of formation of DEA.  DEA the beginning -
DEA  members manufacture, install and maintain lifts / escalators. DEA represents and supports the interests of its members . DEA is committed to promote the quality and safety of equipments and services related to vertical transportation Industry ( passenger lifts, goods lifts, escalators, passenger conveyers and associated systems) .
The DEA  individual companies have committed themselves to this very purpose. The Association is conceived as the contact platform where members can meet and learn about new developments......

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Sub Committee
SUB Committees
DEA have internal representatives Sub Committee
Technical committee
Assists in undersatnding IS and other standards for elevator and escalator equipment.
Commercial Committee
Assists in undersatnding and uniform implementai...Read More

Mission & Vision


To bring together qualified professionals so as to improve the general function of the industry in all its phases, and to create a forum...Read More

Message from President's Desk

It is a special honor and a privilege to begin my term as president of the Delhi Elevator Association. Our outgoing president, deserves an enormous thank you from all of us for guiding the society so ably and for making us feel that we really are a part of DEA by writing such engaging, thought-provoking and humorous columns. He has been a terrific role model, and his shoes will be impossible to fill. Luckily, for all of us,  I am especially grateful that I will be able to rely on his wise counsel during my term.
Sunil Tandon
Delhi Elevator Association